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How Your Dog’s Diet Affects Outputs

How Your Dog's Diet Affects Outputs

You’ve heard of a hang-dog expression and yet when you imagine a sorry looking, sad doggy you know that’s just not the kind you’d like owning, so why wait till you look at your own dog and go ‘aww’ for the way he does little by way of wagging his tail, lack of lively barking or dead-beat walking to realize a change of diet is needed for the desirable doggy output?

Yes, we are talking about inputs (what you put into the dog’s mouth) being directly responsible for the outputs (what he gives out); of course, there are other environmental and biological factors at work too for a dog’s health to get out of control, such as a recent illness, jangled nerves or perhaps a change of weather. However, the dog’s diet is of primary importance in determining his output on a regular basis and this is what you as a loving pet owner need to educate yourself about-so your long-life companion stays that way and has a healthy one too (life).

Hygiene is a big part of your dog’s health and while you may not quite take to the idea of forever cleaning dog-poop, you know that for your doggy to remain clean and health, it is important you keep the surroundings clean and for the after-meal mess to be easy to deal with, the diet better be balance (read fiber-rich for less loose bowels, but not overly so, to avoid constipation).

Don’t go overboard in feeding your pooch and mini-meals while you dine at the table are a complete no-no; this is really no way to show you love your dog. Instead, it can make things rather difficult for you in the long run-especially when your dog can’t run off the extra calories and ends up messing a real stinker of a mother-load!

Go easy on tasty treats like soft dog biscuits and rawhide bones that make for large, messy stools that are difficult to clean up after and include proper meal-time dry dog food that is easy on their digestive system and healthy in a nutritious and filling way! Go for veggies, dry hard doggy biscuits, oats and other such healthy dog meal options in your pet’s diet to make clean up a manageable task and not a chore; take a tip from professional dog trainers who ensure a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet for the dogs in their care so that their outputs during training are manageable too, for wouldn’t it be such a boo-boo in public places for poochie to do a poo-poo?

Avoid accidents due to unhealthy dog diets and fix an appointment with your local vet today to determine the best diet for your pet, including asking about the various kinds of dry dog foods you can include that will benefit as filling food and also promote oral health as well asoverall well-being of your four-legged friend!

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A Dog’s Diet Influences Oral Health

You may all know the importance of daily brushing and flossing for regular good health of your teeth and gums, but that’s as humans and also thanks to dental health education being so updated today. But, did you stop to consider the fact that since science has revealed oral health benefits us by lowering our risk of cardiac problems, it could well be the same for our canine pals? Keeping this medical fact in mind, pet owners are advised to pay extra attention to cleaning their dog’s teeth regularly to keep diseases such as plaque and tartar at bay; even a simple swipe across Fido’s gums with a clean damp cloth should do the trick!

Moving on from the basics to the more advanced techniques for maintaining your dog’s oralhealth: first understand the importance of proper, balanced and nutritious diet for your pooch i.e. canned food or dry food, any treats and toys apart from regular meals and how much exercise and post-meal oral hygiene is practiced? These are all questions pertinent to your dog’s good oral health maintenance program. It is strongly suggested that as a caring dog owner, you provide your dog with a daily diet filled with nutritional foods and multivitamins, if he needs them. It is preferable to give your dog dry dog food as compared to the moist, tinned stuff that since this rubs against the teeth to perform the action of a plaque-remover and over time, reduces it too. Adding water to the dry dog food or even adding gravy to it robs the small kibbles of this essential property, so dog owners beware!

As for the treats you give your dog-well, they aren’t much different from the snacks we humans munch on, which we all know are not that great for us either since there are very few of us that actually reach for that recommended crunchy fruit or veggies bag when our stomach growls! So, let these be a rare treat and of dog-bones, raw meat, jerky or dog bikkies unless they are the hard kind) and keep the greens and corn starch chews that have more than just empty calories like rawhide given between meals, typically. These actually help prevent tartar-so stick with the program, man – and you can be your dog’s best friend by promoting his long life through a good, regular and well managed oral health program!

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