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 New! iThemes Security Pro now offers passkeys with biometric logins for WordPress users.

Here is the fastest and safest way to sign into your WordPress website. For usage with your WordPress login, iThemes Security Pro has recently incorporated passkey technology and biometric logins (like Face ID, Touch ID, and Windows Hello) that are supported by all of the main browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Now website administrators and end users can log in securely without having to deal with complicated password requirements, additional two-factor apps, or password managers.

These login procedures, which are powered by the WebAuthn protocol, offer a cutting-edge password-free login experience that is the future of protecting sensitive information online, including logging in to any WordPress site. iThemes Security is the first to introduce it to WordPress as the main login method, heralding it as the future of logins for all websites and apps.

So let’s examine passkeys in iThemes Security Pro in more detail.

You must be using iThemes Security Pro and PHP version 7.3+ to benefit from this update (v 7.2). The 7.2 version update is currently accessible to current users of iThemes Security Pro, Essentials Bundle, Plugin Suite, and Toolkit as an automated update from the WordPress dashboard (for licenced sites) or as a manual download from the iThemes Member Panel. From the iThemes Sync dashboard, update all of your sites at once to save time.

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How do Passkeys work?

Passkeys offer a cutting-edge passwordless login process that is the way of the future for all websites and apps. The first WordPress security plugin to provide it as the default login method is iThemes Security Pro.

Passkeys, which use biometric login techniques like Apple’s Face ID, Touch ID, or Windows Hello, are powered by the WebAuthn standard and are compatible with all of the top browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. The WebAuthn standard is supported by several large tech companies, including Google, Apple, and Microsoft, who want to make passkeys the future of secure logins on the internet.

Why Utilize Passkeys? 5 Arguments

You might be wondering why passkeys are a better option than two-factor authentication or even strong passwords. Let’s examine the factors that make passkeys a better user security measure.

1. Passkeys Address the Issue of Passwords Being Stolen or Leaked

Passkeys, to begin with, address the issue of passwords being stolen or leaked. The truth is that 81% of all hacking-related breaches use stolen or compromised passwords.

Your private information also stays on your device. No image of your face or fingerprint is sent to the website you are logging into. Instead, a powerful authentication technique that is practically impossible to hack is formed using a secure credential known as a private-public keypair.

2. Passkeys Guard You (And Users of Your Site) Against Phishing Attempts

Passkeys also shield you against phishing. Hackers frequently employ highly sophisticated methods to try to deceive you into disclosing your password, such as creating convincing emails and websites that look like services you regularly use. Passkeys are phishing-resistant because the internal authentication mechanisms prevent you from being duped into disclosing your password.

3. Passkeys Are Effortlessly Simple to Use

Third, using passkeys is quite simple. We are all aware of how additional security measures are typically inconvenient. When logging in, it is difficult to utilise strong passwords, two-factor apps, or verification emails. Passkeys eliminate the need for lengthy passwords, additional emails, or two-factor codes by allowing you to instantly log in with just one click using your face or your fingerprint.

4. Key fobs Facilitate mobile logins

To log in with Face ID, Touch ID, or Windows Hello from your mobile device, use your passkey. Most other apps and websites you use already use this technology. Now that iThemes Security Pro is available, you may log into WordPress using these!

Additionally, you’ll be able to provide your users with this login option, reducing friction and enhancing their security. You can use your mobile device to:

Touch ID and Windows Hello 5. The Best Approach to Give the Most Secure Login Method for Your WordPress Site is with Passkeys Finally, the best way to provide the most secure login method for your WordPress site is with passkeys. Customers and website administrators can both begin logging in to WordPress sites powered by iThemes Security Pro using passkeys.

What is the WordPress Login Process for Passkeys?

You can now log in to your WordPress site with just one click and without a password, two-factor code, or email.

Here are a couple brief demonstration films showing how login passkeys appear:

from your computer

Here’s a peek at how simple it is to use your desktop to log in using passkeys.

Utilizing Your iPhone

By utilising your device’s built-in authentication features, such as Face ID and Touch ID, Passkeys make mobile logins simple.

iThemes Security Pro will quickly log you into WordPress when you activate Face ID or Touch ID on your mobile device by just logging in with your passkey.

There is no need to enter a password, access a different email to get a confirmation code, or use a different two-factor app.

From Your Android or Yubikey Device

Finally, you can safely register your mobile device with passkeys or even your Yubikey to access WordPress from a desktop computer. It is that simple.

Passkeys in iThemes Security Pro: Getting Started

You’ll need the following to start using passkeys in iThemes Security Pro:

Pro iThemes Security (v 7.2)

PHP 7.3+

Please make sure your Mac has an Apple Silicon or T1/T2 chip if you’re using one. Please visit here for additional information on Mac devices.

You must enable the function by navigating to Security > Settings > Features > Login Security in order to set up Passkeys on your website.

The Passkey checkbox must be activated before you can save the changes in the Security > Settings > Configure > Login Security > Passwordless Login section.

Once Passkeys is enabled, you can activate Passwordless Login for the user by going to your WordPress Admin Menu > Users > Profile and scrolling down to it. Then, click “Setup Passkeys.”

Using a browser, a QR code, or both

What if you’re using a computer that you don’t own or aren’t registered into iCloud with and you want to access your WordPress site using a passkey? Using the registered mobile device and the QR code approach, you can access the website. The passkey saved on your device or iCloud is used by this feature to grant you access.

Look for the iPhone / Android device choice on the device you wish to log into.

Then, focus your camera on the displayed QR code and select your passkey from the menu that appears.

By doing this, a secure communication channel between the computer and your mobile device will be established. You’ll be instantly signed in on your PC after approving the login on your phone. The desktop PC is not given a passkey of its own. Your authentication device still contains your passkey. After logging in for the first time using your iPhone on a new Windows PC that you just bought, you need definitely register a new passkey for that device.

Additional Setup Instructions for Passkeys

We have thorough documentation available for the following in the iThemes Help Desk:

iThemes Security Pro is available now with Passkeys!

Our WordPress security plugin, iThemes Security Pro, provides more than 50 solutions to secure and shield your website from typical WordPress security flaws. You’ll also get these additional layers of protection for your website because this is the first WordPress security plugin to make passkeys the default login mechanism for WordPress.

You must be using PHP version 7.3+ and iThemes Security Pro in order to benefit from this update (v 7.2). The 7.2 version update for the current iThemes Security Pro, Essentials Bundle, Plugin Suite, and Toolkit customers is currently accessible as a manual download from the iThemes Member Panel or as an automatic update from the WordPress dashboard (for licenced sites). By updating every site at once through the iThemes Sync dashboard, you may save time.

Through September 30, 2022, save 35% on all iThemes Security Pro plans.

Through September 30, 2022, save 35% on all iThemes Security Pro plans, the Essentials Bundle, or the Plugin Suite by using the promo code PASSKEYS.

DiscoverDash Cloud

You may create courses that reflect your brand with LearnDash’s entire, ready-to-use website, which comes with lovely themes and customization capabilities. a website designed with e-learning in mind. An all-inclusive solution for creating a course site includes your domain(*) and hosting. Temporary domain created automatically. premium add-ons and templates. Create courses that reflect your brand using one of 15 lovely themes and customization features. automated maintenance. You may create courses without concern thanks to secure, quick hosting and automatic website upgrades. access the WordPress universe. For your website, tap into a vast ecosystem of plugins and themes. $29.00 each month 15-Day Money Back Guarantee on Purchases. Annually When paying annually as opposed to monthly, receive two months free! $299 annually Buy Now With a 15-Day Money-Back Promise includes ProPanel, worth $50, Built-in is all you need. a better learning environment. Drip-feed content, tests, and dynamic video courses are all premium features. powered by WordPress.

The most effective and well-liked CMS in the world, customised to your requirements with quick, secure hosting and recurring upgrades. equipment for teachers. Fast course creation, tracking of student development, and automated reporting. premium add-ons and templates. You can design courses that reflect your brand using templates and customization options. streamlined marketing

You can transform your skills into passive revenue with the help of built-in marketing tools.

Who ought to utilise LearnDash?

You won’t require any additional hosting or hassle because LearnDash Cloud is ready to use “out-of-the-box,” and you’ll have access to the complete WordPress ecosystem in addition to a full website.

Anyone who needs to convert a WordPress website into a learning management system should use the LearnDash plugin. This includes, but is not limited to, businesses that concentrate on training and educational institutions. It also includes WordPress developers who have clients who want for an LMS.

Are you wondering if LearnDash is still the best option for you? Tell us about your circumstance, and we’ll offer you our frank assessment.

Is the price per month or per year?

Both include powerful LMS and course-building capabilities. LearnDash is known for its LearnDash Cloud service, which will set up your entire website for you without the need for external hosting and is offered as a monthly subscription. When compared to LearnDash Plugin, which must be manually added to your current WordPress website, it is sold as an annual licence.

What distinguishes LearnDash Cloud from LearnDash Plugin?

LearnDash Cloud is offered as a monthly subscription and will set up a whole site for you without the need for external hosting. Both products offer the robust LMS and course-building features for which LearnDash is renowned. When compared to LearnDash Plugin, which must be manually added to your current WordPress website, it is sold as an annual licence.

We cannot guarantee LearnDash’s compatibility with upcoming WordPress versions if you do not renew your licence.

The monthly purchase of LearnDash Cloud includes access to ProPanel at no extra charge. If you cancel your subscription, your LearnDash Cloud website will be inaccessible.

Exists a free trial period?

On a test sandbox/demo site, you may test the entire LearnDash experience (Plugin or Cloud) here.

You are eligible for a refund under our return policy if you make a purchase and decide within 15 days that LearnDash won’t work for your project.

All we ask is that you contact our support staff if you do come into a difficulty so that we can offer help.

What kind of assistance is provided?

The LearnDash Support website gives all users access to setup instructions, documentation, discussion boards, and a support desk. Please refer to our Support Policy for more information.

What advantages does ProPanel offer?

With ProPanel, you may get reporting and analytics on your courses and students’ progress. is a part of the LearnDash Cloud membership and costs $49 per year as an add-on for the LearnDash Plugin.

The Events Calendar 6.0 is now available.

The Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro 6.0 are now available after much waiting and effort! You may be aware that we wrote a piece last year outlining the background of this complicated project. For a very long period, our team had struggled with challenges related to recurrent incidents.

Since then, we’ve been slavishly reworking the framework that manages recurring events as well as other elements in our plugins. It is now prepared for our clients.

The Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro both receive significant upgrades as a result of this version. Performance has been improved, event data storage has been improved, and a brand-new system for managing events has been implemented, including a new post-type called “Series.” Let’s examine each of the intriguing new features in detail.

You must finish a migration process to move your events to the new event data storage system in order to utilise all of the new features in version 6.0.

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An enhanced behind-the-scenes encounter

Both the free The Events Calendar and the paid Events Calendar Pro now function better thanks to a revamped event data storing technology. The improved user interface benefits administrators, event organisers, and participants. Both the WordPress Dashboard and the calendar views for front-end users will load more quickly. What a win-win situation!

Recurring events are improved

An essential component of Events Calendar Pro is recurring events. With this update, Events Calendar Pro has undergone a significant overhaul to how recurring events are created and managed:

When editing a recurring event, you have the option of saving the changes for that particular event, all future occurrences of the recurring event, or just the current one.

Now that they are only listed once in the WordPress Dashboard, recurring events are simple to scan and update. Additionally, you may use the Events Manager to get a list of each event separately.

Now, repeating events follow the iCalendar Standard.

With “Series,” there is a new method to organise events.

Sometimes a repeating occurrence is simple: Tuesday nights are karaoke nights. every other Thursday, a meeting. once a year, on a birthday. Sometimes repeating events defy clear-cut laws. Enter Series, a new feature in Events Calendar Pro that offers a robust method for managing, organising, and grouping events.

A brand-new post type called a series allows for comprehensive customization and can include either one-time or recurrent events. This means that recurrent events can have their individual occurrences altered to include varied settings, venues, etc. while still remaining related to one another through their associated Series. Additionally, even if an event isn’t a regular event, you can still add any combination of events to a series.

Additionally, each Series has a landing page where consumers may view all associated events in a one location. For each event in the series, you can utilise a different featured image from the admin’s perspective. Then, present a lovely visual landing page of linked events using the Photo View or List View. No matter what metadata your events contain, users can view them all on a single page.

A Series of Events may each have unique characteristics, such as various locations for the same Blood Drive. The Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro both offer a variety of calendar views that you may switch between. You can build a visual representation of the locations of each event occurrence using Map view.

This useful new post-type has so many possible applications. Check out a demo calendar with multiple Series examples to see Series in action.

The Duplicate Event feature, which is in great demand

Many of you asked for a simple method to duplicate events, and we listened to you! The Duplicate Event tool included as standard in Events Calendar Pro 6.0 makes it easy to duplicate already-scheduled events. To duplicate your event, click the Duplicate button from the Events list in the WordPress Dashboard or from the Edit Event single event page. The event can then be published as is or edited whatever you desire.

Today, update your plugins!

You must update your plugins before you can access these incredible new features. When you do, a migration process to upgrade all of your events to the new system will be prompted. To access all the cool new features, you must finish the migration. More information about the migrating procedure is available here.

Even though this procedure ought to be simple, we always advise trying out new features on a test site before going live. And now is the ideal moment to upgrade to Events Calendar Pro if you haven’t already!

Check out the complete Release Notes for The Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro for all the information on the changes in version 6.0.

GiveWP Expands Support for SendWP and Google Analytics 4

That is correct! With our add-on, you can now link your WordPress donation forms to Google Analytics 4. A SendWP integration is one of the interesting new features in GiveWP 2.22.

What’s new and coming up with GiveWP is as follows:

Google Analytics Add-on 2.0 is new.

Version 2.0 of the GiveWP Google Analytics Add-on has recently been made available. This version includes two crucial and popular updates:

Google Analytics 4 is now compatible with your GiveWP forms!

In the reports generated by Google Analytics 4, donations can now be categorised by category 3. Your one-time donation types will be displayed: It’s a one-time contribution.

this is the beginning of a subscription donation (recurring donations).

This recurring payment was initiated by a subscription and is being renewed (recurring donations).

Remember that the metadata you’ve added to your Google Analytics connection can be used in a number of different ways. One of our clients links theirs to Airtable and uses sorting and filtering to identify data clusters that aid in the creation of well-informed marketing decisions.

GiveWP 2.22 includes integration with SendWP.

Email deliverability is one of the most prevalent sources of annoyance for WordPress users and website owners worldwide. Understanding how to properly configure your website-sent emails can be challenging. However, it’s among the most crucial features of a fundraising website. You require the donation receipts from your donors.

We wanted to offer our users a reliable solution, whether the issue was emails not transmitting at all or emails going directly to spam.

Your gift forms require dependable email deliverability

We chose one of the simpler solutions because there are several ones that call for setup and configuration.

SendWP is pre-integrated in GiveWP 2.22. To connect to SendWP, all you have to do is click. then finish by enrolling in their service. You will be returned to your website, and you won’t need to be concerned about emails ending up in spam folders. Furthermore, SendWP has your back and can assist with troubleshooting if they do.

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Details Regarding GiveWP 2.22.0

We also fixed some edge-case problems that users had reported, as well as our Fields API and Gateway API. Update as soon as possible and safely.

Updates are as follows:

The admin page for email settings now includes cooperation with SendWP.

Feature: The donation model now includes corporate assets.

Feature: the gateway api now has a new filter.

Feature: Enhancements to the Fields API Fix: Upgrade the legacy form’s security by adding more escaping

Fix: the look of the target progress bar

Fix: stop queries from being blocked by the MAX JOIN SIZE limit from happening.

Fix: Data from the deactivation survey should not be blocked when not sent

View the complete changelog here.

Contribute to the development of the newest WordPress donation forms.

Even while we’re thrilled about all the recent releases, we’re also anticipating what the future of online donation forms will hold. Assist us in developing the WordPress contribution forms of the future.

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