liquid glucosamine for dogs

Dog Food Taurine In Dog Food

liquid glucosamine for dogs

Taurine is a water-soluble amino acid. It has recently become a hot topic when referring to the nutritional composition that makes up the human and animal physical structure. Taurine has been found to be very beneficial to various components of the mammal skeletal system such as heart, kidneys and blood. Taurine’s main purpose is to act as a catalyst facilitating the flow of vital elements to and from cells. Elements such as Sodium, (Na) Potassium, (k) and Calcium (ca) depend on Taurine inorder for them to move from one cell to another.

Taurine has been a present element in cat food due to its vital properties and just recently pet food manufacturers have been implementing Taurine into dog foods also realizing that this A.A. can be very beneficial to dogs as well as cats. Taurine is most abundantly found in the retina and cases of blindness have been linked to Taurine deficiency in kittens, however in most cases, the same studies showed a reversal of the blindness when Taurine supplements were administered. Taurine is also very beneficial for the heart, and cases of dilated cardiomyopathy have been linked to low Taurine levels in kittens. (A disease or disorder of the heart muscle, especially of unknown or obscure cause.)

Not all dog food manufacturers add Taurine to your dog food so you need to read labels at all times to make sure that Taurine is included. Most manufacturers are out there to make a buck and are not at all concerned with your dog’s health. For this reason, we tell you to do your homework. You need to know as much as you can about what you are feeding your dog. Dogs don’t know any better, of course, and will eat anything at all that is placed before them. Your dog depends on your to feed him the best.

With so much competition, research is not high on a dog food manufacturer’s list so that is why you must be so vigilant. Research takes time and money so you will pay for the better more nutritious foods. Take the time and do your own research to ensure that you have touched all of your nutritional bases.

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Glucosamine In A Dog’s Diet

Okay, so if you’re done with scratching your head over the mind-boggling varieties of dog food available in the market and wondering just which one of those tins with umpteen benefits and supplementary vitamins, minerals and fiber doses is the one for your pooch – let’s move on to something that has proven goodness! Yes, we are talking big-time strong bones – with glucosamine, which you may have seen advertised on certain brands of dog foods as an ingredient; do consider including it in your dog’s regular diet if you want to have a long-life companion that is healthy, strong and raring to go for that evening walk at anytime!

This can be possible with the scientific break-through provided by glucosamine being beneficial for humans with a joint health issue: a known dietary supplement, it has proven to be advantageous for maintaining good joint cartilage health and improving the lubrication of various joints, by acting as a building block element. This improves joint movements and since it has already worked for humans, it wasn’t long before the goodness of glucosamine was tested for dogs as well; the results were good and proved beneficial for canine health being ensured at peak performance levels even as dogs grew older.

Simply put, the benefits of Glucosamine are best felt for improving the smooth functioning of joints and strengthening bones as it moistens and lubricates a dog’s joints so diseases like arthritis, to which large breeds are predisposed to developing and joint/hip problems can be avoided. In the natural form, glucosamine can be found in shellfish while the other source is fermented corn; the latter is suitable for veggie loving dogs. It is now being increasingly recommended to dog owners to strongly consider including glucosamine in their dog’s daily diet as it is not only a health-building element, but also safe from side-effects of any kinds –even when taken with other medications and supplements.

Most of the high quality dog foods of today have realized the benefits of glucosamine andadded them to their line of products with animal nutritionists have endorsed this on TV shows, magazines and even in doctor’s clinics having felt the need to encourage dog owners to also realize the goodness of glucosamine for their pets. Even in supplement form, Glucosamine can benefit your dog: as tasty treats are a-plenty for snack-time instead of trying to improve dog-health with pills, so it is a better bet to Go with Glucosamine!

On a precautionary note, if the dog food you currently buy for your pet already contains glucosamine, you may wan to first consult with your vet to decide whether additional supplements are needed – before you change your dog’s diet.

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