what is the best food to feed my dog

Where to Find Nutritious Dog Diet

Where to Find Nutritious Dog Diet

Locating the best and most nutritious meals for your pets diet can be a daunting task if you are not well prepared, below I focus on some of the most convenient places you can find dog food. We all want our dogs to eat well, why? Because we understand the advantages of a well balanced healthy dog diet, the challenge we may have is where to buy this nutritious dog food. Markets today abound with all types and verities of dog food. We are indeed spoiled for choice like it’s popularly said. Be it canned dog food or dog food in bags, it’s all available and much convenient because all you have to do is pop into your local store, whether departmental or grocery. Store chains don’t want to be left behind either, and they too are catching up with the trend, so you can’t miss dog food in their shelves, besides they give you better prices for your purchase of dog food.

But suppose you are wary of purchasing your dog food products from the grocery store, then you should consider getting it from the stores that stock feeds animals. Companies like TSC frequently deal with clients interested in purchasing best quality pet food. They can be more than glad to offer you assistance in deciding the best meals for your dog, and even recommending the best brands for you that can best meet your dog’s nutritional and dietary needs. You could also obtain expensive good dog food from such stores that may not exist in your Closest Wal-Mart.

Most companies have moved their products to cyberspace. These companies use the internet as their market platform for their organic and natural pet diets. This means you can use the internet to locate dog food products that feel good to you. Some of these electronic merchants will deliver the dog food product you purchase on-line onto your doorstep, feels good. Modernity has revolutionalized the way we feed our dogs, HOW CONVENIENT! The internet offers you unlimited options when it comes to your dog’s diet like never before, take advantage of it

But do not be hasty and overlook the apparent. Consult with your vet about the best varieties of dog food. Some vets even sell specific dog food brands and other numerous varieties straight from their offices. Once your mind is settled on a certain kind of dog food brand for your dog, remember to show it to your vet when he comes in for check up or when you pick your monthly worm medication. A trustworthy vet cannot offer you dog food that is not good for your dog, because they understand the health problems it could lead to. Your vet is might be the best place to locate dog’s food suitable for your dog’s diet.

Do not be surprised that the best and highly nutritious dog food can be obtained fresh from your home kitchen or even your kitchen garden. There are pet owners who prefer to domestically prepare their dogs food. A dog’s diet must have animal tissue present, some greens, and even grain. Meats, greens and grains carefully chosen can be domestically prepared to make sure good nutrition for your pet is maintained for you pet. If you have grown carrots and green beans in your kitchen garden, think about incorporating these to your pet’s diet, it will do lots of good. Besides you won’t have to worry about the source and preparation because you know already that.

Excellent dog diet could also come from the butcher. If you decide that your pet diet is going to be home made, you can undoubtedly find good quality animal tissue from your local butcher. Chicken breast and ground turkey is best. Whatever type of food you settle for in meeting your dog’s dietary needs, always seek your vets advice prior to making any diet changes. Once you have your specific diet figured out, make the best use of the healthier and handy method accessible to you.

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Dog Food Understanding Ingredients

A good dog food for your dog meets with a specific, high quality ingredient base that provides a high level of optimum nutrition for your pet. Dog food ingredients are selected based on their quality, and are human grade, meaning that they are also used for human consumption. Usually a greater price tag goes along with the purchase of premium dog food as the cost to find, evaluate and test a high quality ingredient can be more expensive, and because of this, some dog food manufacturers substitute quality for quantity and opt for the cheap alternative.

They do this because they know that the uneducated public will, often times, opt to buy the cheaper alternative when given the choice. Also, it is more convenient to purchase your dog’s food as your buying your own groceries, so purchasing your dog’s food at the grocery store just makes sense right? For those of you that are unaware, Alpo is a pet food manufacturer that manufactures pet food that is sold in grocery stores the world over. Being a reputable company, one would think that Alpo would actually care about the pets that eat the food that they produce, however for the trained eye this just is not the case.

Alpo Lamb Meal, Rice & Barley Formula This dog food to the trained eye is as appealing as a day old glass of milk left out in the sun. The ingredients are of a low quality, making it a terrible choice of food for your dog. First of all, the protein source is cheap and of a very low quality. Usually on a dog food label, the ingredients are listed from greatest to least. In this case, we have corn as the first listed ingredient, with chicken by-product, poultry by-product, animal fat, and finally lamb meal

A good quality dog food will have the protein source listed first as this is the highest nutritional component to any dog food; however, we see here that “lamb meal” which is the only high quality ingredient on the above list is fifth on the list. The fact that there are multiple animal by-products on the list at all tells us that Alpo is using the cheapest protein source that they can find. The fact that these by-products are listed within the top five ingredients, is even worse, as these ingredient positions carry a lot of weight in the overall make up of the food.

This food is not fit for a dog to eat! The fact that Alpo makes millions of dollars in profit yearly by creating and selling cheap products tells me as it should tell anybody, that this company is just in the game for the gain, and you should never stoop to their level and purchase their food for your beloved dog!

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